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Quiz: Name this ‘lost’ Arsenal XI

Words: Tom East
Photography: Getty Images / Jamie McDonald / Staff

Arsene Wenger has picked over 200 players, but not all of them have been winners. How many of these former Arsenal players can you name?

It should be easy to pick a ‘lost’ Arsenal XI. After all, Arsene Wenger’s team always seem to go missing around February every season

Each year, pundits wonder if this could be the season when Arsenal finally win the title again, but it always seems to unravel after Christmas, and fans are forced to settle for a fourth place finish and another early Champions League exit.

So, what’s the solution? Sign more players?

Well, Arsene Wenger has actually signed loads of players in his 20 years at the club, but not all of them have been successful. While he may have discovered gems like Patrick Vieira and taken Thierry Henry to the next level, he also wasted money on the likes of Francis Jeffers and Gervinho.

Most of his youth players have struggled to break through, too – for every Cesc Fabregas, there’s an Arturo Lupoli. Remember him?

If so, you’ll probably do well in our quiz. We’ve picked a team of 11 flops, and it’s up to you to name them all.

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