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Marc Janko continues to blog about life in Australia exclusively on This time - Celebrating a great year with the Austrian national team and possibly scoring the goal of the season. 

Hi people! 

First of all I want to congratulate the boys in the Austrian national team for their fantastic performance against Brazil. I set my alarm and woke up at 5am local time in order to watch the game via live-stream. The result was disappointing, but we can be more than proud of our performance. I couldn’t take part in the game, the team needs me here and they made it known that they wanted me back after the game. An agreement was reached on friendly terms for me to return to Australia rather than play against Brazil, which I understand completely.  

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Summer feeling 

Marc enjoys the summer sun in Sydney. 

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It has been a great year for the national team despite the defeat against Brazil. We have proven a lot this year and we have really developed as a team. I am happy and extremely proud that we have been able to perform so well. We now need to continue down this road, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels and believe that the job is done. There is still a long way to go until France, but I think that if we carry on performing like this then we have as good a chance as any. 

The atmosphere in the team is fantastic at the moment, especially after the win against Russia. I can’t remember the last time we celebrated like that. We turned the music up loud and got the trainer team and even Austrian Football Federation President Leo Windtner to dance. Unfortunately Marcel Koller was at a press conference.


It was a great way to end the year, and they are great memories which I am taking back to Australia with me. I won’t be seeing the lads for a while now. The end of the international season means I won’t have to fly as much, and I am quite happy about that. I will be staying in Sydney until March now, and I am going to concentrate fully on Sydney FC. I will also be celebrating Christmas here because their is no league break. I don’t know what celebrating christmas in the summer is going to be like. It can get as hot as 40 degrees celsius in Australia in December. That is going to be a new experience! I am really looking forward to New Year here though. The fireworks in Sydney are world famous. 

Our next match in the league is against Melbourne City. This is going to be one of the biggest matches of the season so far. Their team is full of big names so it is going to be a difficult match. We come into the game full of confidence though, and we have been very difficult to break down in recent games. We have kept a clean sheet in the last four matches and have only conceded three goals all season. This was one of the key areas we worked on in pre-season. If you want to play up front then you have to work for the team as well, and as a striker that means I am the first line of defence. 

My goal against Brisbane Roar has given me a lot of confidence. The ball just sat up perfectly for me and couldn’t have gone any better. It was great because it wasn’t a typical ‘Janko’ goal. It is definitely one for the history books, and proof that I can score outside of the box! I have heard that some people in the media are calling it the best goal ever scored in this league. I am not sure about that, but it has already been nominated for goal of the season, which is an honour. 

Oh yeah, I will be seeing a familiar face against Melbourne City this weekend as well! Ex-Austria Vienna goalkeeper Joey Didulica is their assistant manager. I played against him a few times in my early days at Salzburg. I don’t know him that well, but I will try and say hello if I get the chance!

All the best,


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