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Marc Janko blogs: Crisis?

Marc Janko continues to blog about life in Australia exclusively on This time he takes a look back at 2014 and the injury problems at Sydney FC

Hi people, 

I hope the year has started well for you all! I had a very special New Year as it was my first time in such a warm climate. We had a great view of the fireworks from under the Harbour Bridge, opposite the Opera house. A great experience! 

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Not going as planned

Crisis time at Sydney FC. The team have failed to win in seven attempts and haven’t hit the back of the net in four matches

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I have had time to take a step back and look at 2014 in detail, and overall it was a difficult year. The first half was very dissapointing for me at club level as I hardly got any playing time in Turkey. Luckily things took a change for the better in the summer. I am extremely happy about how the second half of the year developed. I am getting fitter everyday, and I am finally starting to feel like a real athlete again, which is great.

As far as international football goes it was a wonderful year for me and of course the rest of the team. We were unbeaten for the whole year until the Brazil game, which is something we haven’t achieved in a long time. There is only one target for 2015 - to qualify for the European Championships.

Until the first international match in March though I will be concentrating on Sydney FC and improving our current situation. Things are not going too well for us at the moment, we have failed to win in seven matches and haven’t scored a goal in four. There are a number of reasons for this. There are certain rules in the A-League which clubs need to abide by. One of them is the wage budget. This has an effect on the squad structure as the first 15 players can earn decent money, but after that the quality of players gets a little thin on the ground as youth players are mainly used. You really feel that when you get five major injuries, including four cruciate ligament injuries like we have. These players are key first team players, and their loss is a big blow.

It is all the more important that the transfer window is now open again. We have already brought in two players (Mickael Tavares and Jacques Faty), and I am sure that two or three more will follow. These new players will bring some fresh impetus into the team and I am postive that we’ll be back to winning ways in no time. We just need to make sure we hit form in the play-offs, and if we do I think we have a decent chance of winning the championship. 

The club and the media see us as the biggest team in Australia, so the attention and pressure is even greater when things aren’t going your way. We have huge expectations, and we expect to win everything possible. The media seem to expect that as well from what I have seen, but they also understand that this is going to be difficult given the injuries we have at the minute. 

A recent personal disappointment was the disallowed goal against Newcastle Jets. It should have counted and would have been one of the best goals I have scored. You don’t score ones like everyday, so that was a shame. I have already decided that this goal is going to go on my highlight DVD though, i’ll just have to cut out the part where the assistant raises his flag ;-).

All the best,


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