Katarina Johnson-Thompson: Heptathlon and long-jump Rio 2016

Olympic Rivals:
Johnson-Thompson (GB) vs Stratton (Aus)

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The UK goes head-to-head for gold and honour against its former colony

The UK and Australia have one of the bitterest rivalries in the history of sport.

But what makes the competition between these two nations even more exciting than the medals battle between the USA and China is that both countries excel at the same sports, so it’s one head-to-head after the other. 

Katarina Johnson-Thompson from Liverpool is dedicating her life to winning for Britain in 2016 – and her inspiration comes from close to home

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The most thrilling contest this time round should be in track and field: Team GB’s Katarina Johnson-Thompson isn’t only competing in the heptathlon, she’ll be gunning for glory in the individual long-jump, too. 

brooke Stratton Olympics Rio 2016 Australia

Brooke Stratton is confident that she can match it with the world’s best in Rio

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And that’s where she’ll go stride-for-stride with Brooke Stratton, Australia’s hot gold-medal favourite. The Queen can cross fingers on both hands.


  • Age: 23 (Johnson-Thompson) vs 22 (Stratton)
  • Height: 1.83 m vs 1.68 m 
  • Weight: 68 kg vs 58 kg
  • Long Jump gold medals: 2012 World Junior Champs vs none 
  • Personal Best: 6.93 m (indoor - 2015) vs 7.05 m (Australian record)

Medals haul 2012

Gold: 29
Silver: 17
Bronze: 19
Total: 65

Gold: 7
Silver: 16
Bronze: 12
Total: 35

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Aug 5-21

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