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Photo above: Ryan Miller/Red Bull Content Pool

The fight against the gravity. Here are the most beautiful pictures of the month.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania   

Canadian pro climber Will Gadd battles his way over a wall of glacial ice in a strange desert oasis 5,800m above sea level, 100m from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. “We had to camp out for three days to acclimatise ourselves for the final ascent,” says photographer Christian Pondella. “Then Will became the first man to scale the ice.” It was a climb Gadd had to prioritise: climate researchers predict that the glacier, thought to be around 70,000 years old, will have melted within five years. 


© Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool    

San Francisco, USA

Kai Lenny was surfing at four, and by nine had added windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding to his repertoire. At 22, the man from Maui is the reigning SUP world champion, and was runner-up in the kitesurfing world championships last year. Now he’s heading to New Zealand to prove himself the world’s best all-round watersportsman at The Ultimate Waterman contest. If anyone’s prepared, it’s him: “The ocean is my life,” he says. “I do everything in the water that there is to do in the water.”

The Ultimate Waterman

© Keith Carlsen/Red Bull Content Pool  

Cape Town, South Africa  

It’s taken almost 15 years, countless concussions and numerous broken bones to make South Africa’s Anthony Raynard a seasoned motocross pro. The 2012 MX2 champion has a motto to thank for keeping him in the saddle: ‘Quitters never win, winners never quit.’ Here, as part of project Red Bull My Track, the 24-year-old is passing on his hard-earned wisdom to young riders in the form of a practical lesson: how to power through sandy turns.



Anthony Raynard

© Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull Content Pool

Teahupoo, Tahití   

Being born to a surfing pro dad named Dino Andino is a lot to live up to, but son Kolohe has more than managed it. At 20, the Californian holds the record for the most National Scholastic Surfing Association titles with nine, has ASP wins under his belt and rides the most challenging waves in the world, like this revered break. It’s where he recently shot a commercial supposedly showing him ordering a pizza with his smartphone mid-barrel. But, unlike the ad, we assure you our pic of him is 100 per cent genuine. 




© Ryan Miller/Red Bull Content Pool

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