Road to glory

Words: Richard Jordan
Photography: Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull Content Pool

With a European Games gold medal in the bag, rising triathlon star Gordon Benson reveals his top five tips for triathlon success 

1 Join a local club or group

Try to train with two or more partners rather than as an individual. It means you can push each other on and also helps to make training more enjoyable. It’s an extra motivator and eventually you get better results from it, because there’s always one person who’s on top and they make you want to push harder. When you start catching them, they want to push harder. It’s a great way to train.

2 Try and iron out your weaknesses

Ideally you want to be solid through the three disciplines. Most people have a weaker discipline when they start, so they might perhaps not be as strong at swimming as they are on the bike and running. If you can bring that swim up to scratch and have a solid average form over the three, it’s a lot better than being really good at two but having a weakness that really holds you back.


“Make sure that you enjoy everything you do and if you’re not enjoying it, change something”

3 Enjoy it

That’s probably the most important tip. Make sure that you enjoy everything you do and if you’re not enjoying it, change something. Train to suit you, not to suit someone else. I train with a group and we all enjoy what we do and it works for all of us. With the right coach and support around you, you’ll soon find that balance.

4 Put the hours in

Because triathlon is a sport based on a big aerobic base, doing as much training as possible does lead to good gains in the race. Obviously there are limiting factors like work and education and things like that, but if you can try and work around them it will definitely equate to better performances. Try to avoid ‘junk mileage’ though – keep all your training of a high quality, no matter how much you do.

5 Recovery is key

If you don’t get the recovery right, the rest of your training is limited and you won’t be performing at your best – which is where you ultimately want to be. You’ve got to think of recovery as eating well, getting plenty of good quality sleep, foam rolling, massage… Anything that helps to prevent injury. It’s just as important as the swimming, cycling and running.

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