Robin Arzon

Robin Arzon’s top running tips

Words: Richard Jordan 
Photography: Fred Goris  

No excuses, anyone can be a runner, as long as your goals match your needs. Self-proclaimed “ambassador of sweat,” Robin Arzon tells us her top tips 

1. Don’t make excuses.

I think that people are driven moreso by what they think they can’t do than what they think they can do and I really believe that’s an illusion. I’ve seen people with physical limitations and all kind of health limitations conquer really amazing feats with their bodies, so I encourage people to excuse their excuses. Honestly I just don’t believe in limits.

2. Run in places that inspire you and you’ll never get bored.

My absolute favourite place to run is probably the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City. I love running in New York period but I think I’ve probably done more miles over that bridge than anywhere in the world – into the thousands. There is a huge variety of people walking over that bridge which really throws you into the culture of the city, and then of course you have tons of athletes just biking and running across.  There’s a really powerful energy in that that keeps me going and the views are really stunning.


robin Arzon

Feeling inspired can help you run that little bit longer everytime 

3. Act on your inspiration.

Social media has definitely been instrumental in my success and I think having Instagram and Pinterest and all these other things as inspiration is a fantastic thing, but you need to be able to use that as a touchstone to actually act. I know that sometimes it’s easy to scroll through Instagram and feel inspired but then what are you going to do with that? I try to move people to action – not just write a 140-character tweet to make them feel good about themselves.


robin Arzon

Find time to do your training routine, wherever you are 

4. Make time for running.

Running is so central to my sanity I sometimes have to remember to take my own advice and just shut off my computer and just go run. Even though my life is about running I don’t always have time, so it’s important for me to remember that’s where it all started and that’s kind of my home base. As long as I have the road I find my centre. Just like anybody else I get caught up in emails and phonecalls and interviews and meetings, but we sometimes have to make sacrifices – for me that might be cancelling a social engagement or even a meeting. It’s that important to me.

5. Don’t start out too fast.

I find that new runners often go out too quickly and then get frustrated because they don’t have the cardiovascular ability yet and then they stop. It’s better to go at a conversational pace to start, one where you can comfortably sing the lyrics to your favourite song.


Robin Arzon

Don’t worry about not being perfect straight away 

6. Instead of tracking distance, track minutes.

For example, tell yourself you’re going to go out for 20 minutes – that might be 1 mile or it might be 3 miles if you happen to be really fast, but I don’t think people should worry about that. Just concentrate on going out for a certain amount of time and with that the distance will come.

robin Arzon

There are no limits, only excuses 

7. Tell people about your new hobby.

Whether you post to Facebook or tell your mum or your boss. The people who care about you might send you a text or mention it next time you have dinner, like “How’s that running going?” If you say, “Actually I haven’t been in three weeks,” maybe you need to revisit that goal. Those people create an accountability that will then keep you going.

8. Never apologise for being new.

I find a lot of beginners are constantly apologising for their newness when it’s really something they should actually be proud of – a lot of people never really own the fact that they’re new to something. And make sure you sign up for a race – I think having a finish line on the horizon, as scary as that first race may be, keeps you on track.

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