Nike Anti-Clog Traction Football Boot


This month, Euro 2016 kicks off a summer of sport. Get involved with athletic tech that helps you reach your personal best

Nike Anti-Clog Traction Boot

The beautiful game just got prettier and a lot more playable, thanks to a sole plate made from a revolutionary adaptive polymer that prevents mud sticking to the studs.


Adidas MiCoach Smart Ball

© adidas miCoach // YouTube

The official Euro 2016 ball may be the popular kid, but this is the smart one. An internal sensor relays speed, spin, impact and trajectory to a smartphone app for analysis.

TomTom Golfer 2

© TomTom Official // YouTube

Bringing its sat-nav expertise to the golf course, TomTom’s GPS golf watch accesses a library of over 40,000 courses to serve up data on each hole and feedback on your swing.

Trefecta DRT Off-road Unlimited

Trefecta DRT Off-road Unlimited

Tip: Adjust torque to the rear wheel on the fly, or engage ‘wheelie mode’ with a maximum angle to prevent it flipping over on you

This military-grade aluminium e-bike uses motor assistance to help you pedal over mixed terrain, but open up the throttle and it can reach a top speed of 70kph.

Solos Performance Eyewear

© wojtek1425 // YouTube

Add a fighter-pilot-style heads-up display to your bike ride, with real-time ride and performance data streamed from your smartphone to these practical eye protectors.

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