Superset Workout

Supersets: How to work your muscles when you’re short on time

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Effective, hard and demanding: With supersets, you save time in training and still achieve an intensive workout

Weight training is a philosophy in itself that’s not just about tension, relaxation and heavy lifting. In addition to a perfectly balanced diet, the right technique and execution of the exercises play a vital role for optimal muscle growth.

The aim is to train with weights that fit your physical fitness, and to complete the exercises at the correct tempo. And for many people, rushing in the gym is seen a big no-no.

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The trusty medicine ball for a six-pack

A toned midsection doesn't just raise envious looks on the beach, it's also simply healthy. And the medicine ball is the perfect training partner on the way to rock-hard abs.

Nevertheless, there are days when you only have a little time available. A perfect excuse to skip the gym and hang out at home on the couch? Never. Use it as motivation and make the most of it. Supersets are perfect for exactly these kinds of moments in order to get the most out of your workout in a short time and transform your body step-by-step.

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Supersets are super effective 

As a basic rule, supersets involve two exercises completed one after the other and preferably without interruption. Whereas, usually you might complete an exercise of 12 to 15 repetitions with longer pauses between sets, supersets makes things a little tougher. You’ll only rest after both sets are completed. The two consecutive exercises usually work different muscle groups and movements.

Why supersets are so valuable

The big advantage of supersets is time. Instead of taking a pause between sets that usually lasts between 30 and 90 seconds, you complete two exercises back to back. It sounds harder as you are doing more exercise than usual in the same period but eventually there will also be muscle building and endurance benefits.

You can customise your superset workout

Want to complete an entire workout in superset style? Then you should consider three or four suitable superset combinations. One variant, for example, is to select two exercises that address two antagonistically-acting muscles or muscle groups. So you can train only the biceps, then the triceps and then the chest and back. Alternatively, supersets can also be used for a complete full-body workout. For this purpose it is useful to combine an exercise for the upper body with an exercise for the lower body.

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