The 10 Best Apps of 2015

Photo: Periscope

Apple recently named its best Apps of the year, here are the top ten Apps of 2015 that you definitely need to download 

1. Periscope 

Twitter’s live streaming app was voted Apple’s favourite of the year, and was downloaded over 10 million times within the first four months of its release! With so many users worldwide broadcasting live, the chances are you are going to be in the thick of the action any time major news breaks with Periscope.

Price: Free

2. Enlight

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Winning the runner-up award, Enlight calls itself, “The only all-in-one iPhoneography app for creating masterpieces“ and offers a hell of a lot more than just filters. If you have the time and the patience you can create photographic masterpieces on your phone with this one, but at a price.  

Price: £2.99

3. Robinhood 

The ten best Apps of 2015

Also coming in as a runner-up, this one is for the want-to-be bankers amongst us. Robinhood allows people buy stock without paying anything for each trade. 

Price: Free

4. Workflow

Workflow is designed to make your life easier by connecting apps and actions together to automate things you do on your device. It’s basically designed to stop you wasting the precious time you have by doing things for you. This app was deemed the most innovative by Apple. 

Price: $2.99

5. Instagram

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Yes, the beloved realm of sunsets from 20,000 feet, food porn and lots and lots of selfies comes in at number 5, and was voted best app on the iPhone 6. This is a must-have if you’re into photos and following your favourite stars. The photo above of Kendell Jenner is the most liked of the year, by the way. 

Price: Free 

6. HBO Now 

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For all of your Game of Thrones viewing pleasure, when you want, and where you want. 

7. Hopper


If you’re a frequent flyer, then this one should be on your phone. The app helps you figure out when the best time to fly is based on the price of the tickets available. 

Price: Free

8. Darkroom

the ten best Apps of 2015


Not enough filters on Instagram? Enlight not enlightening enough? Darkroom allows you to create your own filters, meaning you will be spending hours trying to get the perfect shade of sunset orange to cascade over the photo of a cocktail you just took. 

Price: Free 

9. Lark 



Your new personal trainer, in app form. Lark is an AI that acts like a real trainer, responding to questions and giving you nutritional tips. Will it physically get you off the sofa and into your running shoes? Not until until the next upgrade…

Price: Free 

10. The Everything Machine 

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This one is for the tinkerer in you. The app allows you to build virtual gadgets. Want to build a Darth Vader machine? No problem. 

Price: £2.49

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