The craziest GoPro ski stunts

The craziest GoPro ski stunts 

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Dicing with death or outrageous skill? These skiers captured it all on camera

Devin Stratton is a passionate skier but recently his hobby almost became fatal. On a slope in Utah, the 25-year-old went over a hill only to realise that a cliff awaited him on the other side. Stratton fell almost 30 metres but miraculously survived virtually unharmed. He even recorded the accident on his GoPro camera.

Stratton is not the only one who has captured a scary ski moment on video.

Here are four more of the wildest rides through the snow from the eyes of the “stunt driver”:

Make your own adventure film: learn from these spectacular GoPro videos

Thanks to increasingly powerful smartphones you no longer need sophisticated cameras to make video recordings. But for rapid footage with a lot of movement, mobiles just won't do the job. That's why companies like US manufacturer GoPro , with their small, robust and waterproof action camcorders, are seeing a boom in demand.

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Loop of death

Freestyler Jesper Tjäder managed a world first at the end of last year when the Swede became the first skier to defeat the “Loop of Death”, a full 360-degree ski rail. The 22-year-old completed the feat during the shooting of the film Supervention II in Norway. Although Tjäder picked up a few scrapes in his attempts, it was worth it to write a bit of skiing history.

© Youtube // GoPro

Avalanche race

In 2011, skier Matthias Giraud had a slightly mad idea to create an avalanche and then film his escape. Along with buddy Stefan Laude, “Super Frenchie”, as he’s nicknamed, pulled off the crazy experiment on the 2,500-metre-high Aiguille Croche in Megève, France, thanks to a daring “exit strategy”. Watch for yourself.

© Youtube // GoPro

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Misstep at the summit

Conquering a mountain then chilling out to admire the blue sky and the snow-covered valley below was probably what Stefan Ager had in mind when he switched on his helmet cam GoPro at this summit. But an unfortunate misstep meant his trip back down was far quicker than he’d intended. Luckily there was no serious damage for the Austrian.

© Youtube // A Donnelly

One of those days  

We’ve saved the best for last. Freestyle skier Candide Thovex shares his incredible skills in his video One of those days 2. The French daredevil shows off the wildest somersaults and twists as he tackles the slopes. The mesmerising footage will have your head spinning but it’s worth it to watch one of the most spectacular GoPro ski videos.

© Youtube // Candide Thovex

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