The greatest reactions to Emre Can’s wondergoal

Words: Joe Ellison
Image: Getty / Dan Mullan

How social media erupted following the Liverpool midfielder’s goal of the season contender

In case you missed Liverpool’s away win over Watford, Reds’ midfielder Emre Can went and scored what could very well be the best goal of the 2016/17 Premier League football season, possibly breaking the space-time continuum with it.

No sooner had the ball left the German’s foot, bound for the inside of the netting reserved for only the most satisfying of strikes, there was palpable disbelief among onlookers that he’d even managed to achieve such hangtime, never mind make contact with Lucas Leiva’s pinged cross - and then it happened: his spectacular scissor-kicked effort flew in and the world lost its sh*t.

To make some sense of the ensuing madness, here are the greatest reactions to one of the greatest goals in decades…

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First, the goal

Because two angles clearly aren’t enough to enjoy this rich golazo goodness.

Nothing sums it up better than this Watford fan’s reaction

Stewards would later recover the man’s jaw from two rows in front.

Cue: the reaction from the rest of us at home

Somewhere, Tony Yeboah shed a single tear of joy.

Newton’s law was immediately questioned

Come on, not even the most optimistic of Liverpool fans could have believed their man was capable of such a goal – his fifth of the season, no less.

A fluke? No chance

Far from a one off, it was quickly revealed the German international practices scissor-kick volleys in training.

The goal wasn’t Can’s only piece of brilliance in the game

Shots: 3

Shots on target: 2

Touches: 70

Passes: 50

Distance covered: 11.9 km

No. of Tom Cleverleys put on their backside: 1

Naturally, somebody made a comparison with Rooney’s erstwhile overhead effort

Not all heroes wear capes. Not all heroes have to resort to hitting a ball with their shin.

Crouchie Monster loved it

No stranger to a gangly overhead strike, former LFC striker Peter Crouch gave his approval.

Will this poster help propel Liverpool to the Champions League?

Probably not, but it looks fantastic.

The wonder strike went global

Norway hasn’t lapped up a Liverpool wondergoal this much since John Arne Riise last made half of Manchester cry into their Boddingtons.

Not that it stopped people bringing the Liverpool midfielder back down to earth

Rather literally.

While United fans were at it…

Top trolling, folks.

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