Team Hamilton’s Nicolas Ivanoff flies in formation with Martin Šonka

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Photo: Balazs Gardi

Whether it is the Red Bull Air Race in Budapest or the biggest waves of Western Australia - these photos will take your breath away

Riders on the storm

Budapest, Hungary

As Team Hamilton’s Nicolas Ivanoff flies in formation with Martin Šonka at the Budapest stop of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship this July, the cloudless sky and glittering waters of the Danube belie the turbulent conditions looming. So brutal did the weather become that the Final Four couldn’t even take off – though by then both Šonka and Ivanoff had been eliminated. “It’s a big step back,” said Šonka, who failed to score with 13th place. “In these bumpy conditions, the bump can push you over the G-limit.”


Tough break

St Pölten, Austria

Two days before his surprise show at the Frequency Festival near Vienna, US rapper Machine Gun Kelly suffered an unfortunate accident: he faceplanted while running across the tops of parked cars after a gig in Germany. The result: cracked teeth, a broken elbow, and stitches in his chin. For most musicians, this would be a valid reason to cancel any upcoming shows, but MGK was quick to reassure his fans via Instagram: “Sorry to my body, but I’m finishing this tour.” Not only that, but when fans began moshing to his hit Wild Boy, there was no holding back the 26-year-old, who stage-dived into the crowd, despite his sling and cast. Now if that isn’t rock ’n’ roll…

For more festival action:


Machine Gun Kelly at the Frequency Festival

© Ydwer van der Heide

The right stuff

Western Australia

One of the most committed and well-respected big-wave surfers around, Sydney native Mark Mathews has ridden some of the gnarliest breaks on the planet. The Right, a notorious monster wave off Western Australia, however, is a whole different beast. Boasting a reputation as the world’s heaviest, it has chewed up and spat out many a foolhardy surfer. But not Mathews, whose triumphant June 2015 encounter bagged him a nomination for Barrel Of The Year at the World Surf League’s Big Wave Awards.


Mark Mathews riding a big wave in Western Australia

© calum macauley

Mountain highs

Virgin, Utah, USA

Nic Pescetto rolled up at the 2015 Red Bull Rampage qualifiers hoping for better luck after crashing at Canyon Gap the previous year. This time round, the Italian freerider nailed the jump, though a place in the finals eluded him. On October 14, 21 of the world’s best mountain bikers will gather to compete in this year’s competition. Expect new, more natural terrain, and thrills as big as ever.

See it live on Red Bull TV on Oct 14:

Nic Pescetto at the 2015 Red Bull Rampage

© Bartek Wolinski

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