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Photo: Ronny Skevis

A Santorini vineyard, the 84th Le Mans 24-hour race or the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge in New York - these photos will take your breath away

Island Life

Santorini, Greece

When BMX rider Panagiotis Manaras invited his friend and fellow BMX pro Sergio Layos to join him on an island-hopping tour of his home country, Layos jumped at the chance. This is Layos riding a ramp in the middle of a vineyard on Santorini for Manaras’s 247 project. “To ride a bike with a top rider like Sergio, is in itself really awesome. When you do it on four of the most beautiful Aegean islands, it simply becomes a dream come true,” says Manaras.

wet, wet, wet

Le Mans, France

June 2016 was one of the wettest starts to a European summer since records began, and France didn’t escape. After a deluge 30 minutes before the start, the 84th Le Mans 24-hour race got underway behind the safety car for the first time in it’s history. More rain and safety cars followed (pictured is a procession winding its way through the Descente Chapelle), until one of the most dramatic finishes imaginable. With three minutes to go, it looked like Toyota were set to take their first victory at Le Mans. Then a power loss sidelined the TS050 Hybrid, leaving the way clear for a record 18th overall win for Porsche.

24 hour race Le Mans

© Dean Treml

Swell Guys

Hawaii, USA

Outrigger canoe paddling places emphasis on teamwork, courage and tradition, qualities the men of the Red Bull Wa’a Hawaiian outrigger canoe team know all about. To prove their mastery of the sport, they recently took first place at the Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge in New York. “It’s always different out there, with the swells, the wind, the currents. You never know what you’re going to see,” says Daniel Kekua Chun, the team’s steersman.

Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge

© Brian Bielmann

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