Red Bull Kick-It

Red Bull Kick-It - Karate with a twist 

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Red Bull Kick-It, the world’s premiere ‘freestyle kicking’ competition is about to blast back into action this weekend, this is what you can expect

Think you know martial arts? Well think again! No number of Van Damme or Chuck Norris films can prepare you for the sheer drama and amazing moves that will be on offer at this year’s Red Bull Kick-It.

Since its introduction in 2013 from South Korea, Red Bull Kick-It has become the world’s premiere ‘freestyle kicking’ competition. It’s a blend of ‘extreme taekwondo’ and martial arts ‘tricking’.

So what can fans expect when it kicks off on September 11? 

Mind-boggling kicks and stunts 

Unlike Van Damme, these martial arts experts won’t be unleashing their fury on opponents in the ring in head-to-head combat. Red Bull Kick-It is all about impressing the judges with the most amazing moves known to man. Viewers can expect to see kicking speeds of over 200 kph and more air-time that Jordan in his prime. Don’t believe us? Check out the video from last year’s event for a taste of things to come this year. 

So how do you win?

Each competitor is given two rounds to show what they can do. The first round allows them to showcase their tricks, and the second round is all about their ability to break boards with their feet. If the scores are tied, then a further tie-break round will be played to decide the winner. 

Donavan Sheehan performs the Ariel CT Boxcutter Kyukpa in 2013, which was voted the best kick of the tournament

How do you land a trick? 

If you played a lot of Street Fighter as a kid, then a lot of these tricks and landings may well seem a little bit familiar. The competitors don’t hold back when it comes to putting their bodies at risk for a move. Find out how to do some of the best tricks below. 

How to do the Snapu Swipe

How to do the Gainer Hook Kick

Watch the amazing ‘Making of’

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