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Who’s running where? 

Photo above: Mark Dadswell for Wings for Life World Run

There are plenty of famous faces running at this year’s Wings For Life World Run, but where exactly are they running? 

The big day is just around the corner! Tens of thousands of people around the world will simultaneously take to the streets to run for those who can’t on May 3.  There will also be plenty of famous faces in the crowds as well, but where are they running? Check out the gallery below to find out who you could be rubbing shoulders with at the 10k mark!


How it works

Catcher Cars on all race tracks will leave the start line 30 minutes after the runners start the Wings for Life World Run and proceed to an accelerating global speed schedule


11.30 UTC – CATCHER CAR START – PACE of 15km/hr (approx. 9.3 mph)

12.30 UTC – PACE INCREASE: 16 kph (9.94 mph)

13.30 UTC – PACE INCREASE: 17 kph (10.56 mph)

14.30 UTC – PACE INCREASE: 20 kph (12.43 mph)

16.30 UTC – PACE INCREASE to 35 kph (approx. 21.75 mph)

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