YouTube tips from downhill pro Claudio Caluori

Claudio Caluori:
The YouTube millionaire

Photo: Michal Cerveny
words: Daniel Kudernatsch

He talks to himself at 70kph, expresses fear, joy and jubilation, and it’s all unfiltered. Claudio Caluori has totally captivated his audience
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Claudio Caluori and his work tools: helmet, GoPro and downhill bike

Former professional downhill mountain bike racer Claudio Caluori showcases the world’s quickest and toughest bike tracks on Red Bull TV. His YouTube videos are cult viewing for millions of fans.

Here, he reveals the three steps you need to take to become a YouTube sensation.

Step 1: Get the right equipment

“Three GoPros – one on your helmet, one on the handlebars and one on your chest – plus a highly sensitive microphone that doesn’t pick up wind noise. That will guarantee you razor-sharp recordings and impressive sound.”

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Step 2: Know what you’re talking about

“Riding through the woods at up to 70kph and doing jumps of up to 20m is routine for the likes of World Champion Loïc Bruni or World Cup winner Aaron Gwin, but it’s amazing from a viewer’s point of view. I can only get the sensation across if I go for it myself and I can only do that if I’m perfectly prepared. I know the courses from the old days or I check them out before the recording. And during the run itself I’m as focused as if I was still racing for World Cup points.”

Step 3: Show how much fun you’re having… and how afraid you are

“What’s the strategy behind my live commentary? There isn’t one. There are two things I pay attention to: a live analysis of the track (‘Lots of dust, slippery!’) and concrete tips on line and technique (‘Try to take the inside line – no, that doesn’t work’).

And another thing: when I’m really scared or really having fun, then I start to talk to myself. ‘First little crash at the first corner, you better focus, Claudio.’ Or, ‘Oh, oh, oh, whoa! Stay on your bike, stay on your bike, Claudio!’ As soon as you hear me saying my name, you know it’s a crucial moment!”

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