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Train Like a Basketball Pro with Harrison Barnes

Photo above: Dezi Catarino

After a frustrating 2014, Harrison Barnes has gotten off to a hot start with the Golden State Warriors. Here’s how he stayed fit ahead of the new season. 

“My fitness plays a huge part into my success as a basketball player,” says Harrison Barnes. “Doing things that make your body fire right, to be as explosive as you can, to make sure to be as fast as you can, those are the things that separate the great athletes from the good athletes.”

The small forward made a splash in his rookie season when he averaged more than 16 points per game during Golden State’s 2013 playoff run. But after struggling most of last season, Barnes is taking a more aggressive tack this time around. Together with respected trainer Travelle Gaines, he has a three-pronged workout that focuses on his lower body, and helps him transition from defence to attack.

“Competition in the NBA is the best in the world, and to be able to play in it night in, and night out, is really tough,” Barnes says. “I think about competition all the time. When I’m training, I think about who are the guys who are tough for me to guard from a physical standpoint. And how I can improve on that to get ready for this season.” 

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