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Secrets of a fly guy

Photo above: Balazs Gardi/Red Bull Content Pool

Training in the air and on the ground keeps Pilot Hannes Arch race ready

“The amount of time you have to prepare for a Red Bull Air Race is very limited,” says Austrian Hannes Arch. “Flying is the only way to achieve the precision you need for racing, so I do a lot of airshows, and go to a training camp three or four times a year which focuses on aerobatics.”

When it comes to improving strength, being in the air wins again. So outside the cockpit, the runner-up in the 2014 World Championships tops it up with bouldering and climbing. “The only way to learn to cope with the G-force is to fly,” he says. “What we can train for on the ground is stamina, which is really important for pilots. Mountain biking, road-bike racing, paragliding and ski touring all improve my endurance and general fitness. They also help me clear my mind, which is good practice for when I need to focus on quick steering manoeuvres in the cockpit.”

hannes arch

Hannes Arch: the 47-year-old has won nine Red Bull Air Races

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In Focus

“Our planes can rotate as much as 600° per second,” says Arch. “The horizon goes blurry. This exercise simulates rotational acceleration and helps you improve your balance.”

hannes arch

“I look at an image in front of me, jump up and rotate 360° around my own axis as fast as I can. When I come to a sudden stop, I try to focus on the image again immediately”



Arch’s pre-flight entertainment: “Music and images are an important part of my preparation. I use the headphones from my sponsors AKG before every race. Sagte der Bär, a track by electronic musician Paul Kalkbrenner, gets me in the perfect mood so I can focus on my lap, which lasts about a minute.”


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