7 May: Wings for Life World Run , Robbie Britton

Wings for Life World Run:
Robbie Britton


Team GB Ultrarunner Robbie Britton will be among those running for those who can’t. Here are his top tips for keeping the catcher car at bay

The Wings for Life World Run starts on the 7th of May. At this global run – the proceeds of which go to help find a cure for spinal cord injury – both amateur and pro runners outdo themselves.

But why? Psychologist Dr Rhonda Cohen has the answer: “The Catcher Car is a huge motivating factor. Playing on the fear of being caught releases strengths you never knew you had.”

The 2017 British leg of the Wings for Life World Run starts at 12pm in CambridgeRobbie Britton will run for Team GB. Read on to find out how to keep the catcher car at bay.

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1 Establish your own comfort zone 

“The thing with ultra-marathons is it’s not about going quick, it’s being efficient. You have to make sure you understand what is a comfortable effort for you.” 

2 Don’t look back

“I would love to say that when I’m racing I never look back, but in reality I’ve done races where I’m turning around all the time because I know someone’s chasing me. You can’t avoid that, but you can minimise the effect. The more you look forward, the harder it is for the people behind you. Having said that, seeing the Catcher Car doesn’t have to be a negative thing. It’s like seeing the finish line, and everyone pushes harder when they see that.” 

7 May: Wings for Life World Run , Robbie Britton

Robbie Britton says distance running is “just about moving”

3 Understand the way you feel 

“Having a target is a good thing, but you don’t want to overstretch yourself. Conditions can vary. There might be a strong headwind, it might be raining; anything could upset your target. Soit’s about understanding how you feel and knowing what’s left in the tank.” 

Free app - Run where you like 

Can’t make it to any of the 24 cities where the Wings for Life World Run will be held? Not a problem. Just download the app and run your own route against a virtual Catcher Car and other app runners.

For more information, go to:  wingsforlifeworldrun.com

4 Keep your head up and smile 

“When you feel like you’re hitting that wall, keep your head up, interact with the crowd, smile, share that moment. If there are runners around you, help them. As much as it sounds selfless, picking someone up and helping them can be entirely selfish because you’re distracting yourself from your own pain.”

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