Florian Neuschwander

FLORIAN NEUSCHWANDER on How To Keep Your Training Exciting


Wings for Life World Run winner Florian Neuschwander runs for several hours a day – and never gets bored. Here are his tips on how to keep your training fresh…

Whether it’s an 800m, an ultra-marathon or an extreme course through the Rocky Mountains, Florian Neuschwander, winner of Germany’s Wings for Life World Run, will take it on. “Even when I’m at home, I rarely run the same route twice,” he says. “For me, running is about discovery. If you take a route you’ve never run before, the time passes a lot more quickly than if you always do the same route. Variety is key.”

Florian Neuschwander

Catch me if you can: Neuschwander won the German Wings for Life World Run in 2015 and is a favourite this year

As well as changing the scenery, he uses social media to add zing to his routine. “I arrange to meet people I don’t know and go running with them via Facebook,” explains Neuschwander. But there’s one thing that sets him apart from the others. “I run to our meeting point and then, after training, I run home, too.” Now that’s dedication. It’s not just a spare-time activity, he says – running is a cheap and healthy means of transportation, too. “

I run to work or to visit friends. There are showers everywhere, after all.” And rather than be put off by really long distances, he’ll take the train or bus, get off halfway, then run from there.

“I look up the approximate route home on Google Earth, then get going. That way, I stumble across places I’ve never been before. People who travel a lot for work, in particular, should be able to find wonderful running options. Don’t be scared to combine training with your daily routine. There’s room for a pair of trainers in any suitcase. Get out of your hotel and into a whole new world.”

Wings for Life World Run 2016

The 2016 Wings for Life World Run takes place simultaneously in 34 countries (the UK event is in Cambridge) on May 8. But if you can’t make the event, don’t worry – download the app on iOS or Android and do the Wings for Life World Run – Selfie Run.


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