WRC 2017: Costs and Tech

WRC 2017:
The Tech and the Cost

Photo: Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool
Words: Werner Jessner

Faster, fatter and more full-on, new cars and new technical challenges are ushering in a radically different era in the World Rally Championship. But at what price does the fun come?

The basic model costs €15,000 and can be found in every supermarket car-park. The WRC equivalent costs more than 300 times that. Why?

The €5-million price tag comes from converting the production model into a car capable of tackling rally’s most demanding stages.

The prototypes go through at least three phases of conception, design and manufacture before they can take up their position at the start of the first special stage. Each manufacturer builds around 10 fully functional WRC cars – plus spare parts for the same number – per season. 

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A 2017 WRC car costs anywhere between €600,000 and €900,000, but that’s just to get it to the service area – it’s not going anywhere for that price.

Factor in another €400/km for checks, wear and tear. Factories only pass used WRC cars on to trusted teams after a minimum of a year, at which point they are entered in the world championship by private drivers. That costs at least €500,000.

After that, they go to national championships or collectors’ garages.

Toyota will return to the WRC from 2017 with the Toyota Yaris WRC (Team: Toyota Gazoo Racing, Team Principal: Tommi Mäkinen)

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Body framework: €50,000 
Strengthened and optimised over 200 man-hours 

Transmission and drivetrain: €80,000 
Custom-made by external suppliers

Engine: €200,000 
Strictly regulated. Only fine-tuning will optimise performance, and that costs money

Chassis: €120,000 
Custom-made and subject to constant redesign 

Tyres and wheel-rims: €5,000 per set 
Different sets required for every surface

the Toyota Yaris as a World Rally car

Body kit: €30,000 
Aerodynamics are increasingly important for this generation of WRC cars

Interior fittings: €14,000 
Steering wheel, seats, seatbelts, fire extinguisher

Electronics: €70,000 
Special cable harness and control units

Brakes: €16,000 
Custom-made according to surface

Man-hours: up to €100,000 
Assembly, paintwork, calibration, etc

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