Matt Jones

The Young Gun

Words: Faye Brozek   
Photo Above: Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Content Pool

Matt Jones is one of the best mountainbike slopestyle riders in the world. Here he reveals his early idols and who keeps him motivated to continuously step up his game

Growing up riding around Woburn Sands allowed Matt Jones to learn from some of the most progressive dirt jump riders at the time. Inspired by those early idols he has quickly climbed the ranks in the sport. 


“He was a professional dirt jumper when I was getting into riding – I still think he’s an absolute legend - and I remember seeing him at Chicksands and I said to my dad “I want to do that one day” and my dad pieced it together when he met Glen again at Woburn.”

“I always thought he was amazing, he was the first guy to try double backflips in the UK – he’s a nutter, absolutely crazy and I get so excited when I’m with him so I still look up to him to be honest – we’re good friends now. Up until 6 months ago when I moved house, I still had a poster of him pulling tricks on my bedroom wall!”

 Glen Coe doing a double backflip

Glen Coe’s name has an ironical twist to it: it is also the name of a mountain bike track in Scotland.

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“I’ve ridden with him a few times, I went to stay with him in Barcelona with Sam Reynolds a few years ago. I know him quite well now through just seeing him at contests and different places.”


“He’s like my best friend outside of my main friendship group – it’s weird to think of him as an idol but I do look up to him a lot. I don’t let many riders come and ride my compound, as I’ve put so much effort into building it – I don’t just like handing it out to the competition. But Sam pushes me a lot and I really benefit from that. We’ve only been friends for about a year, but in that year we’ve hung out loads.”

“When all my mates are at work for the week and it’s dark like it is now in the evenings you can’t get much done so me and Sam hang out and get a lot done. I think our styles have merged a bit since knowing each other – we push each other a lot, he’s really good to ride with. He’s got so much more experience and I’m so new to it. It’s not even been 2 years since I did my first contest and he’s been winning everything for 8 years! It’s cool to be amongst those guys.”

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