Pioneers Festival

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Agenda du 30 octobre (CET) - Sélection
(le festival se déroule en anglais)

Arena :

10h15-11h Ouverture, 2e journée (Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, Sebastian Kurz, Beat Schwegler, Andreas Tschas)

11h-11h40 A Silicon Valley Succes Story – ANKI Entertaining the World with AI and Robotics (Hanns Tappeiner)

11h40-12h Holvi – The Future of Banking (Johan Lorenzen)

12h-12h20 CubeSensors Product Launch: How did you sleep tonight? (Ales Spetic)

13h30-13h55 Magic in the Age of Digital (Marco Tempest)

13h55-14h10 AgTech Warmup (Stephan Beyer, Juergen Furian)

14h10-14h55 Deep Dive: Food for 9 Billion People – Agriculture 3.0 (Adam Anders, Nitza Kardish, Shalom Nachshon)

15h30-17h10 Finale du Pioneers Challenge 

17h30-17h55 Disrupting Space: Taking Satellites from Garage to Orbit (Mike Safyan)

17h55-18h30 Final Frontiers – The Innovation Race to Space (Pete Worden, Andy Aldrin)

18h30-19h Cérémonie de clôture : Prix Community  & Grand Prix Pioneers Challenge 


Academy :

10h15-11h  2e Round : Pioneers 90” Pitch Star

11h-11h30 Surviving Your First 24 Months as a Startup (Fred Destin)

11h30-12h20 Get your Game on in Hardware Design (Gadi Amit)

12h20-13h05 Growth Hacking (Neil Patel)

13h45-14h25 Roasted! (Gil Dibner, Jason Ball, Marvin Liao)

14h25-15h00 Hacking Angel List (Philipp Moehring)

15h-16h Disappearing into the Fire: Surviving the Startup Life (Jerry Colonna)



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