bare in rare air

Bare in rare air

Photo:, HUBER & CO. AG

Nudists are taking over the mountains. We’re cool with that, but wearing shoes isn’t 100 per cent commitment

Some say it’s the ultimate nature experience: heading towards a summit wearing nothing but a rucksack and hiking boots. And a hat. But apart from that, everything is left swinging in the mountain breeze. Naked hiking is now so widespread in Switzerland that they have come up with a sign prohibiting it. A graphic designer originally devised it as a joke, only then to receive a lot of orders from concerned municipal authorities.

Other sports that would be better in the buff

Naked sprinting

Back to our roots, like in the good old days of ancient Olympia.

Naked football

Shirt-tugging? Pull the other one.

Naked swimming

Men would never stray from their lane thanks to the additional rudder.


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