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Photography (right): Instagram // @loreglan

They save lives, bust bad guys or take selfies. We have four police department Instagram accounts to follow (inconspicuously of course)  

Reykjavik Metropolitan Police Department 

Followers: currently 160k

Cute chicks in uniform, officers pulling ollies on skateboards, and puppies. Let’s go to Iceland.

Queensland Police Department on the go

© Instagram // @qpsmedia 

Queensland Police Department

Followers: currently 10,2k

Antipodean badassery and a perhaps unhealthy obsession with arresting Captain Jack Sparrow

The legendary NYPD Cops

© Instagram // @nypd

NYPD/New York City Police Department 

Followers: currently 32,8k

See New York’s finest bust bad guys and confiscate evidence through all the right filters.

Portlands Gesetzeshüter

© Instagram // @portlandpolice

Portland Police Department 

Followers: currently 1.1k

On patrol in Portlandia with the cutest K9 unit on the West Coast. Also: ironic doughnuts.

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