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8 go-to hangover cures chefs swear by

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Had a big night? Grab yourself one of the following snacks and you’ll be feeling right as rain in no time

So it’s the end of the week and you’ve gone for an after-work drink with your colleagues. You were only planning to go for one, but several pints and a few tequilas later, you find yourself in bed at noon on Saturday nursing the mother of all hangovers.

At this point, you might think about making your way to the kitchen and throwing a few eggs into a pan to make yourself a greasy fry-up so your pesky headache goes away.

Alternatively, you might prefer a strong cup of coffee to give yourself a caffeine boost. Deciding what to eat when hungover can be tricky, but some top UK chefs spoke to food magazine Munchies to give their recommendations.

Here are eight top culinary tips for the morning after the night before.

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Sushi and grapefruit lemonade

Recommended by: Jackson Berg

Chef at: Xiringuito in Liverpool

“San Pellegrino grapefruit flavour. It’s like the elixir of life when it goes down the hatch. Also a trip to Yo Sushi. I can sit in that place for hours watching the belt go round and soaking up the sushi with excessive amounts of soy and wasabi paste.”



A full English and a cup of tea

Recommended by: Lee Tiernan

Chef at: Black Axe Mangal in London

“I mean, it’s hard to beat a fry up, isn’t it? Chinese food is amazing too but way less accessible. Have to go with the fry up and a mug of tea, followed by Ridley Scott’s Gladiator on the sofa in my pants.”

Get a load of this from Paschal Sheehy! #sundayvibes Normal service has been resumed.

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Canja de Galinha

Recommended by: Nuno Mendes

Chef at: Chiltern Firehouse in London

“My hangover cure and ultimate comfort food is the Portuguese congee, which we know as canja de galinha. I was over the moon when Ta Ta Eatery opened around the corner from my home in East London. Meng and Ana’s version includes an Asian-style green sauce and they serve it with chicken skin and dough sticks.”

Congee congee: century egg herb dressing, chicken skin and dough sticks @newmanarms with @elyse_li

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Chicken wings

Recommended by: Daniel Heffy

Chef at: Buyer’s Club in Liverpool

“My perfect hangover cure is spicy chicken wings – usually of the KFC variety!”



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Salt beef sandwich

Recommended by: Josh Katz

Chef at: Berber & Q and Shawarma Bar in London

“My cure for a hangover is always a salt beef sandwich on rye, preferably from Monty’s Deli, who make the best salt beef in London. It’s perfect comfort food and gets you back on your feet in no time.”

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Vegan noodle soup

Recommended by: King Cook

Chef at: Cook Daily in London

“My favourite hangover cure will definitely have to be a vegan noodle soup bowl with lemongrass, lime leaves, lots of chilis, and fresh herbs. If I’m not blowing my nose halfway through then the cure isn’t working!”

Chilaquiles Verdes and Ojo Rojo

Recommended by: Edson Diaz-Fuentes

Formerly chef at: Santo Remedio in London

“There’s no better hangover cure than chilaquiles verdes [tortillas with salsa] with a fried egg on top and washed down with an Ojo Rojo [a beer with tomato juice and spicy salsa]. It’s tasty, filling, spicy, and delicious.”

Cold meat, hot sauce, beer and bed

Recommended by: Gabe Pryce

Chef at: Quilombero in London

“Any cold meats, fresh jalapeños, fried eggs, Cholula hot sauce, corn crackers – the most texturally satisfying adult ‘rusk’ product, mayonnaise, a beer and the nearest television to your bed. Then go back to bed.”

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