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FKA Twigs Is One Of A Kind 

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 success without compromise? FKA twigs shows it’s possible 

FKA Twigs – enigmatic performer, darling of the critics, VMA nominee – is fearless. But that’s what comes from cutting your teeth as a backing dancer in front of riotous crowds.

Indeed, it’s those difficult situations that she credits as the source of her growth as an artist. Because that’s the type of performer she is: never shy of a challenge, always pushing boundaries. Some might think that makes her weird. But, for Twigs, that’s exactly the point.

“I enjoy challenges. I want people to see what’s inside my head rather than just looking at me”
FKA Twigs

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FKA Twigs may be making a career as an enigmatic performer, but she’s not the only artist out there to have attempted to test the boundaries through art. Here are four other critically acclaimed (and at times controversial) pieces of artistic interpretation in the form of music video.  

SIA - “Elastic Heart” 

The video to “Elastic Heart” was greeted with both praise and controversy for its depiction of an adult and child dancing together upon its release. Directed by the singer herself and starring Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler, the performance was seen by many being “paedophilic”, something which SIA later apologised for. 


© YouTube // SiaVEVO

Atoms For Peace - “Ingenue”

Thom Yorke is no stranger to dance performances on film, but for “Ingenue” he teamed up with The Royal Ballet’s resident choreographer Wayne McGregor to create an abstact piece alongside dancer Fukiko Takase

© YouTube // XL Recordings

Sigur Rós - “Svefn-G-Englar”

The Icelandic band created an unforgettable piece of art in 1999 when they worked with director August Jacobsson on the video to “Svefn-g-englar”. The award-winning film features the Perlan special-needs theatre group acting out their interpretation of the elements. Simple and powerful stuff. 


© YouTube // STFFestival

POLIÇA - “Wandering Star”

Directed by ELY (Eugene Lee Yang), Poliça’s 2012 video to “Wandering Star” is a colourful but dark affair in a performance full of emotion and sentiment that will have you hypnotized from the start. 


© YouTube // POLIÇA

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