Forgotten Heroes

History can be so unfair. These pioneers achieved great things, but time has almost buried them
1. The porn pioneer

Russ Meyer, director

Russ Meyer loved everything in XXL - but above all breasts. After he was stationed as a cameraman during the Second World War, he devoted himself to the photography. He sent his photos of naked women to Hugh Heffner, the founder of “Playboy”. He loved his pictures.

Russ Meyer started doing sexploitation films - he combined big breasts with satire. Once derided as cheap smut, Meyer’s masterpieces now show at film archives around the world. The inscription on his gravestone says “I was glad to do it”. 

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) from Russ Meyer  

2. The king of coffee

Eric Favre, inventor

Creator of the coffee capsule in 1970, but Nestle went for instant coffee instead. He says: “The problem is that […] you know what can become of your idea, but no one understands, because the whole thing is something new and there are no words to describe it.”

The capsule was a flop. Now it’s a hit worth billions. The inventor has his own company Monodor SA, which now creates tea with Tpresso.

3. The low-budget logo


Carolyn Davidson, designer 

In 1971, Nike paid the student $35 for the “Swoosh”, the nickname of the brand logo at that time. It should give the impression of movement and was inspired by the wing of Nike, the Greek goddness of victory. She is able to move at very high speed.

Years later, Nike thanked Carolyn with shares and a golden ring - set with diamonds in form of the company logo.

4. The first photographer

Hercule Florence, painter 

Florence invented photography in Brazil in 1833, but didn’t tell anyone. He gave up his research after Daguerre has found a way to display images on a copper plate in France. That was in the year 1939.

However, Florence remains with his picture Rebecca the first photographer in Latin America.

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