Space station

The future’s bright  

Bygone magazines foretold of far-off developments in all their colourful unpredictable glory.    

The feeling robot 

Unimate was the world’s first industrial robot, patented in 1954 and limited to automated tasks. But in 1975, French magazine Science & Vie was inspired to dream up the robot of the future: one so sensitive that it could judge how lightly to tap an egg to break it. 




Rocket airport

In August 1938, a passenger jet successfully completed the first non-stop flight from Berlin to New York in  24 hours and 56 minutes, which was quick for the time. American publication Popular Mechanics Magazine conjectured that, with time, passengers could be fired to the Moon in super-fast transport rockets. 


© Popular Mechanics

Ikea space station 

In 1956 Hobby magazine from Germany envisaged a cosmic community on a prefabricated vessel: think Ikea in space. Once people had built their abode, all they had to do was learn to live together in peace on the space station. That’s the one part of the vision in evidence today on the ISS. It’s just on Earth we seem to have a problem with it.



Space station


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