Casa moderna

House of 
the future

Inventions that will change how we live in the comfort of our own homes

casa del futuro

1 INTELLIGENT HOUSES could create more energy than they use with solar panels and air source heat pumps.

2 CONVERTIBLE WINDOWS have been developed by a Dutch architecture firm to create a balcony that folds out from the wall in a few seconds. 

3 LIFE AUTOMATION products use sensors to turn your house into a decision maker. A device like WigWag can switch on lights when it gets dark or fire up the boiler when it gets cold. It also has a smartphone app. 

4 ANTI-SMELL socks made of antimicrobial silver material Heath Paine don’t stink. But always fit.

5 SPRAY-ON LIGHTS use OLED technology and can illuminate anything in the home, from walls to house plants.  

6 WATER-SAVING SHOWER from Swedish firm Orbital Systems saves up to 90 per cent of water and up to 80 per cent of the energy a regular shower consumes.  

7 SMART IOTA is a WC that uses 50 per cent less water and folds itself away once you’re done. 

8 SMART HERBS in a Click & Grow mini-garden don’t need TLC – just NASA tech and electricity. 

9. LIVING FURNITURE is made with living organisms to help regenerate itself


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11 2014 The Red Bulletin

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