How to be Magic Mike: Start your career as a stripper

How to start your career as a stripper

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With the news that actor Channing Tatum is launching his own strip show in Las Vegas, would you fancy a career change into the world of erotic dancing? With these instructions, you could be earning big bucks, stuffed down your underwear

A stage, screaming women and a lot of bare skin: The daily life of a stripper sounds like a pop star’s world tour. Leading man Channing Tatum led this same lifestyle before his career in Hollywood and his hit movie Magic Mike in which he also plays a striptease artist. 

Now it seems the actor is going back to his roots. Together with choreographer Alison Faulk, he has set up the strip show “Magic Mike Live” in Las Vegas.

But the screen star won’t be returning to the Velcro pants. The production has cast 13 men and two women who’ll show what they have to offer through demanding dance and acrobatics routines.

If you’ve decided you’ve had enough of your desk job and are dreaming of dollar bills stuck in your underpants, here’s how you can start your career as a first-rate stripper:   

  • Step 1: Check how far you’ll go
  • Step 2: Train
  • Step 3: Find a costume
  • Step 4: Find the right music
  • Step 5: Take dance lessons
  • Step 6: Think of a name 
  • Step 7: Choose an agency
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Step 1: Check how far you’ll go

Before you try to climb the first rungs of the stripper career ladder, you should be aware of the following: if you’re afraid to go naked in the gym changing room, performances in the buff are probably not right for you. 

Step 2: Train

The ladies are unlikely to part with their loose money as a thank you for presenting your beer belly. Get down the gym and build those muscles. 

Step 3: Find a costume

It’s not only superheroes who need costumes. Strippers do too. Try to choose clothing that is striking. For example, a lot of women are big on uniforms, and police officers and firefighters are always popular. It’s important to note, not only should your teeth glow in the dark light but your sexy G-string needs to sparkle too.  

Step 4: Find the right music

Your stripping soundtrack should have different tempos to fit your smooth moves. Choose songs to get your groove on and avoid tunes that could be categorised as ‘cuddly’. Ladies can cuddle at home. When they come to watch you, they want to dance. 

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Step 5: Take dance lessons

If your moves on the night club floor can best be described as ‘wooden’, you need to go to dance school. Get yourself a repertoire of graceful hip swings especially in Latin and hip-hop dance styles. 

Step 6: Think of a name

What is your audience supposed to call you as they stare mesmerised at your six-pack? Your stage name should be catchy and give the ladies a taste of what to expect. You should be creative and confident. “The Wriggling Worm” is unlikely to ignite women’s desires. How about “Sexual Thunder” or “The Forbidden Temptation” instead?

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Step 7: Choose an agency

Be sure to choose a reputable agency, ideally one which is a registered company. Probably only a handful of strippers have become famous while their one-man agency coordinated operations from the couch. Go with the experts.


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