"Meat Cake": Food trend from Japan

The “Meat Cake”:
food trend from Japan

Photo: Instagram/taka2010taka

This Japanese food trend will raise the spirits of every meat lover: the meat cake

This is a food fad to our liking. Meat cakes have become increasingly common on the menu in Japanese yakiniku restaurants specialising in grilled meat. And we’re not talking about frosting with a salami pattern or sweet bacon decorations. These cakes are exactly what you’ve always wanted for your birthday, huge piles of mouth-watering meat without any trimmings.

なつ坊 on Twitter

肉ケーキをたいらげた。優香お誕生日おめでとう( ˘ω˘ )♡

Meat cakes have been around for quite a while but thanks to Instagram and other media, they’re currently experiencing a whole new beefy boom.

The meaty mountains are so popular that, upon request, they are served in some restaurants with candles and birthday decorations.

However, you shouldn’t eat the raw meat cakes as they are. Basically the artistic arrangements are extremely attractive meat platters. You can slowly take the cakes apart and throw the strips bit by bit on the grill.

The crunchy counterpart to the meat cake also comes from Japan and is more of a health-conscious alternative: the salad cake.

Admittedly the pies look great. However, they consist mainly of raw vegetables and tofu, and for this we can only think of one thing:

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