Mixed Blood

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In fantasy shows, will the half-breed sons inherit the throne?

In fantasy and fairy-tale TV shows – extremely popular now, with Game Of Thrones, Once Upon A Time, Grimm and others – one thing seems to be particularly in vogue: cross-class bastar­d offspring. Those born after a forbidden fling between a royal and a commoner are bolstering plotlines and ratings. Eddard Stark’s son Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, is slowly turning into Prince Charming in Game Of Thrones. 


Fantasy/Terror: GRIMM

“I’m afraid of my own family”, Captain Sean Renard.

In the fantasy horror series Grimm, Sean Renard, Captain of the Portland Police Department, is himself the bastard son of a royal. Grimm, which is back for a fourth series this October, is set in a world where humans and Brothers Grimm characters co-exist.

The two groups don’t really get on. We met Renard, played by Israeli-Canadian actor Sasha Roiz, on the job and asked him – Renard, not Roiz – about family values.


The Red Bulletin: Captain Sean Renard, which creature from the Grimm universe are you most afraid of? 

“As the offspring of a Hexenbiest [a zombie warlock], the Grimm figure I most need to beware of is the Mellifer bee creature. We’re natural enemies. But honestly, I fear my family more than anything. They are horrible and dangerous, and keep sending problems my way. As Grimm royalty – illegitimate or not – I see myself above most creatures, and I can handle them. It’s my family that really challenges me. They bring a certain emotional component that affects me.”

Downton Abbey

Costume Drama



Thomas Barrow, the underbutler in Downton Abbey, is played by Rob James-Collier

The Red Bulletin: Barrow, if you were suddenly free to do anything, what would you do first?

“I’d open the first Edwardian gay bar and it would be called Barrow’s Law, a place where all men are free to kiss whomever they want. Especially the landlord.

I’d hire Molesley [the butler in Downton] as my DJ, to play really melancholy tunes all the time, such as Radiohead, and sit in the corner looking sad.

And I’d say to him, ‘Come, Molesley, pick it up a bit, bloody hell. Can we play some Abba or something?’ And I could literally be the Dancing Queen.”

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