Fotografía de Maxime Ballesteros

Reinventing the photo 

Photo above: Maxime Ballesteros

Part two of our look at the importance of photography, 175 years after its invention. 
Fotografía de Paulo Jorge Calisto


“I wanted to show man’s relationship with nature and how small we are. To display man’s disconcerting bravery and tenacity”.

Eva Stenram


“When most of the woman’s body is obscured, we start to focus on the other details of the photograph – décor, textures and the positioning of hands and feet. With the main focal point gone, we are let loose to revel in these details. Good photography should activate the imagination. Perhaps it contains a layer of ambiguity, something not easily verbalised that makes you want to return to the picture again and again”.

Twitter: @EvaStenram 

Maxime Ballesteros


On what makes a good photo. “There is no recipe, or rules of course. It could be a photograph that can stand on its own, exist outside its context. That challenge, and question, rather than compliment the world.”



“Hopefully the readers are not missing the feeling that the picture inspires. To me it says ‘whether you’re killing it or eating shit, just get out there and savor the experience.’”

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