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The Naked Diaries

No filters, no lighting: just women in their natural glory. What started as a kickback against the digital touch-up now has a following of more than 28 million. The Naked Diaries are an archive of true beauty in all its un-tweaked forms.

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How We Get To Next

This techno paradise of innovation stories concentrates on the really cool stuff the future has in store. Why own a robot pet? What will we all be eating in 2100? Which planet will we inhabit? It’ll also clue you into the amazing things happening right now.

Colonizing the Solar System

EARTH IS DOOMED (maybe). Where do we move to once we've run out of room and resources here? Tell us if we've missed anywhere!

Posted by How We Get To Next on Thursday, October 15, 2015
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Muppets With Synths

Thanks to dodgy Photoshoppery, this feed unites two great things. Experience the simple joys of Animal geeking out with a modular synth, and the Swedish Chef espousing the virtues of the Korg Mono/Poly in his own special way (“Korg! Korg! Korg!”).

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