Fehlerseiten im Netz

The coolest error pages on the net and why we need more of them! 

Photo: Screenshot/ Bob Wassermann

Funny 404 error pages on the web are old hat, right? Not if you put in this kind of effort

It’s one of those annoying little things that happens when you’re surfing the internet. You arrive on a page but it’s not what you were expecting.

Instead you’re presented with a 404 error. Many are straight to the point, others are funny and some, like these, are superbly creative. Something wrong never looked so right. 


Fehlender Durchblick

Photo and editing app EyeEm doesn’t mess about on their site. Something’s gone wrong, and now a woman has got her head stuck in a hedge. Whoops!

Pacman is back!

Pacman is back!

The US digital agency Blue Fountain Media take things to the next level by giving visitors the chance to play the classic arcade game Pacman. Sure you’re going to lose a few hours trying to beat your high score, but this is what you were looking for in the first place, right?


Eine neue Formation

British sportswear manufacturer Umbro has used the 404 error page as inspiration for a new football formation. Not only is the line-up visualised on a playing field, accompanying text explains the advantages of this tactical masterclass.


Besuch auf dem stillen Örtchen

Product designer Bob Wassermann has better things to do than make the page you wanted to visit. Now you’ve got two choices: go hard, or go home.

Into the wild

Into the wild

The web designers of Jackrabbit use an animated page to get misguided visitors back on the right path. The gorgeous attention to detail gets even better when you find out that the design is available to download as wallpaper.


Vertauschte Rollen

Cult game developer Blizzard has a different take on things for their error page. The design makes it seem like the screen is cracked and the message delivered to visitors is one of playfulness: they didn’t break it, you did.


Clevere Verweise ins Showbusiness

Film design studio Blue Daniel takes inspiration from classic movies and TV shows centred around the theme of being lost or missing. It’s a nifty design, set in an underground station, and the sound effects only add to the unnerving location.


Ein alter Bekannter

You get what you expect when you arrive on the 404 error page of South Park Studios: instead of an apology for any inconvenience caused, there’s an insult thrown in your face.


Die nackte Kanone

Creative agency Hub09 show how this is the ideal place to relive some wonderful moments from the legendary film The Naked Gun. Cue a selection of head in hand hilarity.


Stecker gezogen

As you would expect from a brand that has displayed creativity and a touch of humour in all walks of entertainment, toy giant Lego get things right once again. Who messed up: was it the jester, or maybe the pirate? All we know is that someone pulled the plug.

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