Die Top 10 coolsten Star Wars Lego-Sets

The 10 coolest Lego Star Wars sets in the world 


Star Wars stuff always goes for a few quid, and if you happen to have some of these lying around at home, then you may well be stepping on a fair bit of cash …

10. TANTIVE IV  (Set Nr.: 10019)

Original Price: $199,99 
Current Price: $1195,33 
Year: 2001
Amount of bricks: 1747

Why it’s cool: Tantive IV, also known as the Rebel Blockade Runner, is the first ship you see in the very first Star Wars film. It’s also the first time we see Princess Leia and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO.


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9. EWOK VILLAGE (Set Nr.: 10236)

Original Price: $249,99 
Current Price: $209,36 
Year: 2013
Amount of bricks: 1990

Why it’s cool: You can build the complete Ewok village, all of it! The best thing about the set is that it comes with 17 mini figures including Princess Leia in her Endor outfit, R2-D2, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker & a lot of Ewoks.


Original Price:  $298,99 
Current Price:  $1645,33 
Year: 2002
Amount of bricks: 3096

Why it’s cool: Another ship from the A New Hope and it was the largest Star Wars Lego set until the Death Star II came out. It was part of the UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) and is worth a few bob these days. 

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7. SLAVE I (Set Nr.: 75060)

Original Price:  $199,99 
Current Price: $182,80 
Year: 2015
Amount of bricks: 1996

Why it’s cool: Bobba Fett’s ship in luxury edition, mini figures and Han Solo in carbonite. What more do you need?  

6. SANDCRAWLER (Set Nr.: 75059)

Original Price:  $299,99 
Current Price:  $258,57 
Year: 2014
Amount of bricks: 3296

Why it’s cool: This Jawa bus from Episode IV has been created with a lot of love and attention to detail. It also comes with 7 mini figures including Luke, uncle Owen and more. 

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5. IMPERIAL SHUTTLE (Set Nr.: 10212)

Original Price: $259,99 
Current Price:  $577,27 
Year: 2010
Amount of bricks: 2503

Why it’s cool:  This slick and elegant looking ship comes with its own Darth Vader!  

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Original Price:  $499,99 
Current Price:  $4512,33 
Year: 2007
Amount of bricks:  5197

Why it’s cool: Han Solo’s legendary hunk of junk has been released on a number of occassions. But it is this UCS version from 2007 that is the best thanks to its attention to detail and the size of the set itself. A must-have for Star Wars fans! 



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3. DEATH STAR (Set Nr.: 10188)

Original Price: $399,99 
Current Price: $424,11 
Year: 2008
Amount of bricks: 3803

Why it’s cool:   This Death Star set has elements of both Death Stars from the original trilogy built into it. Lego recently released a brand new 2016 version which is just as nice, but this one is a classic. 

2. SUPER STAR DESTROYER (Set Nr.: 10221)

Original Price: $399,99 
Current Price:  $853,14 
Year: 2011
Amount of bricks: 3152

Why it’s cool:  The Super Star Destroyer is one of the most iconic ships from the original trilogy and is the base of command for the attack on Endor. It’s also one of the largest ships in the Star Wars universe. 


Original Price:  $129,99 
Current Price: $431,38 
Year: 2007
Amount of bricks: 1137

Why it’s cool: It is the only AT-AT set that actually walks! It is one of the most popular sets out there and it is now very difficult to get your hands on as a result.     

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