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Through hell and back: Men as shopping companions 

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When men accompany their lady on a shopping trip, it can be a brutal experience. Attention! These pics are not for the faint of heart

We’ve all been there. Your loved one is on a shopping spree and desperately needs support. With this collection of pictures, Instagram user @miserable_men is a chronicler of male despair.  

All these images prove one thing: there’s nothing as lonely as a man’s heart. Crammed into a shopper’s paradise - the leap to freedom impossible – Man is resigned only to sadness and silent suffering. 

Here are a few tips from fellow sufferers to help survive in hell. 


Tip 1:  Grey hair, grey moustache, grey bag, grey shoes and a grey outlook. If you’re already in hell, you might as well have the colour to match. 

Dreaming about the days of Netflix and Chill.

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Tip 2:  Wait à la Jack Nicholson. If all else fails, release your inner movie star.


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Tip 3: Think of this as your gym workout. No pain, no gain. Victory can be yours. 

The official stare of all #miserablemen

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Tip 4:  Pay attention to your breathing and you can overcome anything. When in despair, try meditation.  

Haha. I like this one.

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Tip 5: Gone to the dogs? Think about bringing a furry companion. The family pet alleviates stress.

He can try and look tough... but his girl got him in check.

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Tip 6:  Sometimes it’s hard to be a tough guy. If you’re going to spend so much time looking at it, you might as well have a fancy watch. 

The Plight of Man

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Tip 7: Maybe she will come back five minutes earlier than expected? A silent prayer won’t help here - but it can soothe your pain.

Tip 8: This isn’t your first rodeo. While she is away, use your time wisely. Sleep!

Tip 9:  Surrounded by abundance and yet totally alone. Learn to embrace the things that have brought you misery. 

Hahaha. I like this guy.

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Tip 10: We are men and must stay strong. Hold on to those you love. 

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