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Strength in numbers: Training with Gordon Benson

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The triathlete who won Britain’s first gold medal at the European Games is a keen café racer…


The number of hours that Benson trains each week 

On a typical day, he trains in all three disciplines, with breaks for refuelling. This can mean a 90-minute morning swim, a 60-minute afternoon run and a 65K evening bike ride. 

To increase running speed, Benson recommends strides: “Not a sprint, but running at 80-90 per cent for 100m.” For swimming, he advocates training with paddles “to build up your lats, allowing for a better catch”. And for cycling, he suggests spinning at a high cadence and changing down the gears: “It’s easier on the legs, so you can exert more power when racing.”

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The number of gold medals he has won

When going for gold, fine-tuning the transition from swim to cycle is vital. “I would hose down my wetsuit, then practise taking it off as fast as I could,” says Benson. He suggests signing up with someone else, too – “You’ll enjoy it more and spur each other on” – and taking coffee breaks during training: “Low body fat puts you at risk of catching a cold, so I never go straight from swimming to cycling – I’ll make a café stop to let my hair dry.”

Vital Statistics

  • Discipline: Triathlon  
  • Age: 22  
  • Height: 190cm  
  • Weight: 78kg
  • Achievements: Three gold medals for triathlon: European Triathlon Champs 2014 (individual); World Triathlon Champs 2014 (team); European Games 2015 (individual). Part of Team GB for the Rio Olympics.

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Benson’s daily calorie intake during training 

Breakfast is porridge, with Golden Syrup added for flavour, and on competition days he’ll have a croissant, too, for extra carbs. Benson eats three protein-based main meals throughout the day, with Müller Rice or poached eggs on toast between training. Hydration is key: “I drink squash and Red Bull, and I’ve always got a bottle of water in my hand.”


The number of days he spends recovering

Friday is Benson’s recovery day each week, but he doesn’t rest completely. He swims – “The water helps the muscles recover” – and does yoga. “I find yoga relaxing, mentally and physically,” he says. “It’s also helped with my bike position. I feel more comfortable, so I can put out more power. That generates speed, so it’s brought on my results as well.”

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