We’re hooked: Instagram trend #Fishbras is the naked truth

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This fishy photo phenomenon will have you reeling. Under the hashtag #Fishbras, these slightly clothed ladies of Instagram are setting a new trend with the potential for a netful of fun

“I once caught a fish this big.” We’re all familiar with the classic pose, the angling enthusiast proudly displaying the catch of the day. But the pictures never looked quite as good as these.

Thanks to an Instagram account, the #Fishbras hashtag sees all kinds of women, and occasionally members of the opposite sex, hitting the great outdoors to take a fishing snap with a difference. And the channel has already amassed more than 140,000 followers.  

If you think the trend is too limited because there’s little room for variety - don’t panic. These maritime models have come up with plenty of interpretations on the theme. Not to mention the protagonists themselves who showcase the wonder of diversity. Just sit back and let the beauty of nature leap off your screen like a salmon through the #Fishbras craze.

The classic  

The instructions for the latest Instagram innovation are simple: Catch a fish. Place it over the chest. Take a photo. There you have it, you’re a #Fishbra supermodel:


@shuterr with a legendary #fishbra #fishbraawarenessday

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The alternative shot

Photography is all about the right angles. So what about a different view of the #Fishbras phenomenon. How about simply…?

Cannonball! I Dare ya! 😂 @mermaid_kimmi

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Not just for girls

You think #Fishbras is only for women while men are simply spectators? Not so. There’s also ‘ManFishbraMonday.’ 

Hey ladiesssssss #ManFishBraMonday #menfishbratoo @johnrusnakisrad

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100% commitment to the cause 

Why not take it one step further and make a #Jellyfishbra? It may not be the most comfortable, but full marks for creativity! 

@ckrugerr brings the #fishbra to another level! #fishbraawarenessday

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Learn to fish 

It’s a magical world out there where fins and scales glitter in the sun. Relax, shoulder that fishing rod, and smile - your prey will come by itself.   

The perfect combination 

They say fish goes best with white wine. This lady shows beer fits just as well for a day of #Fishbras at the lake. 

I am a proud supporter of @onislandtime82 and all her #shenanigans 😂 #beerbra #viewfrommybeer #sundayfunday

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Frutti di Mare

The fish aren’t biting? Fruit is another healthy superfood and does just as good a job. Take a look for yourself: 

#FruitBraFriday ? @prosser_photography @kwniki @island.anna

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Kiss Me, Stupid  

Maybe it’s not the most charming thing just to use our finned friends to hide feminine curves. Why not lighten the mood with a sign of affection? 

On Fridays, fish get kissed.... Aka #fishkissfriday @bellebarrr

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The Flying fish

Catching a fish is its own reward. This woman has landed a prize trophy and has no problem showing off to the world. 

@kristenmarie91 in #fishbra preparation....

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Dedicated followers of #Fishbras know how to wear it well. For all shapes and sizes, customisation nets the perfect look.    

@thisiselyse with a #fishbraclassic for #fishbraawarenessday

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