Boyan Slat

A young man and the sea

Boyan Slat wants to 
rid the world’s oceans of plastic rubbish

Boyan Slat wants to rid the world’s oceans of plastic rubbish. There was just one thing Boyan Slat really wanted to do while on holiday in Greece and that was to surf the waves. But he couldn’t help noticing more plastic bags swimming in the water than fish. In his frustration, the Dutchman decided to rid the seas of rubbish and even gave up school for the effort. Now three years later, the 19-year-old has a concept that has experts convinced. His Ocean Clean Up project even has pessimists dreaming of a world in which the seas belong to the fish again. And surfers too, of course.


A Pacific free of plastic:
Floating barriers are installed in the five main ocean currents, effectively allowing the ocean to clean itself

Clever inventions coming soon – but we want them now

Bars built into the road provide vehicles with electricity. The first stretches of test road will open in Sweden in 2015, to offer a real-life Scalextric experience.

Brainflight will make a researcher of every gamer as you fly through the complex world of nerve cells. The result will be the first map of the brain’s neural network. 

Physicists from US company WiTricity have created a device to provide smartphones with power wirelessly. They should tell the electric roads team how they do it.



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