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The Red Bulletin’s “10 years of YouTube” special continues with a look at the mid-boggling numbers behind the biggest moving image provider in the world

1 Billion 

people use YouTube a month

50 Percent

of all hits come from mobile devices

400 Years

years’ worth of video material is scanned for copyright infringements on a daily basis

2 Billion 

“Gangnam Style” by PSY was the first ever video to hit the billion views mark. It currently has over 2.2 billion views. 

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> 1 Million

people earn money via the YouTube Partner Program


hours’ worth of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

90 Million

hits a day come from Saudi Arabia. Nowhere else is YouTube as popular

4 Billion 

hours of video material is watched on YouTube every month. That is roughly 450,000 years. 


In so vielen Ländern und Sprachen ist YouTube verfügbar.


YouTube is currently behind Google as the 2nd most-used search engine. It has more users than Bing, Yahoo Ask and AOL put together. 

20 Percent 

of users close a video after just ten seconds. 45 % stop watching a video after one minute and 60% after two minutes. 

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