10 lego movie adaptations we would like to see

10 Lego films we really want to see 

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With The LEGO Batman Movie hitting cinemas worldwide, here are 10 other LEGO movie adaptations we’d like to see 

Batman is back in brick! After stealing the show in 2014’s hit film, The Lego Movie, Will Arnett’s Batman returns for his very own movie, which got us thinking about other films and characters we’d like to see get given the LEGO treatment. We’re pretty sure plenty of these would have fans flocking to the cinemas. 

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Words: HOLGER POTYEPhotos: INSTAGRAM, LEGO What's the best way to invest your money? Shares? Gold? Property? Nope. Lego. Yes, those little bricks sell for some big sums on eBay and other websites. You just need to make sure they're in good condition, so don't stand on them!

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1. The Game Of Thrones Lego movie

The vast Lands Of Ice And Fire built brick for brick, how cool would that be? It’s time to ask HBO for Lego rights and get this one done.  

Qui montera sur le trône de fer ?

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2. The House Of Cards Lego movie

House Of Bricks – who doesn’t want to watch a little Lego Frank Underwood and his dodgy political dealings? 

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3. The Walking Dead Lego movie

Ok, so maybe zombies are a bit too much for a Lego set, but a Lego film without blood and gore and a healthy dose of humour could make for an action-packed adventure flick.  

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4. The Avengers Lego movie

LEGO have already made short films and clips starring Iron Man and the crew, so surely it is only a matter of time before we see a big-screen outing for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

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5. The Fifty Shades Of Grey Lego movie

Fans of Fifty Shades Of Grey know what’s going to happen when Christian Grey puts the cuffs on in the Red Room. These two things already exist in the legoverse. As this fan-made trailer shows, this one would be something for the parents to enjoy once they’ve put the kids to bed. 

© Youtube // Toscano Bricks

6. The Hunger Games Lego movie

With the film series over, what better way to keep fans of the franchise happy than to go Lego? We’d love to see how the Arena would look once it has been given the Lego treatment. Let the games begin! 

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7. The James Bond Lego movie

Martini, Aston Martins and the Queen all probably already exist in the Legoverse, so what’s stopping them from making a Bond film? We can think of at least 007 reasons why this should happen.      

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8. The Fast And The Furious Lego movie 

Admit it, you’d love to see Dominic Toretto in Lego, building all manner of crazy – and furious – things. 

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9. The Die Hard Lego movie

Take an existing Lego set, stick a Bruce Willis minifigure in there, add some bad guys and let the filmmakers do their magic. The action scenes will probably still be more realistic than the last Die Hard film.  

10. The Mad Max Lego movie

Like The Fast And The Furious, this one has a potential Lego action adaptation all over it. Imagine the crazy worlds, cars and creatures Lego could come up with for this as they race through the Lego desert.        

Mad Max Fury Road Doof Wagon

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