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10 things you probably didn’t know about Game of Thrones 

Over the past few weeks The Red Bulletin has met up with some of the biggest players in season 5 of Game of Thrones, and we have been able to unearth some rather interesting information which you may not have know before. Here are 10 of the best. Read the full interviews here.  

1. If Emilia Clarke had her way, Daenerys Targaryen would go on to live happily ever after with…..The Hound. Ever wondered which English politicians would feel comfortable in GoT world? Emilia tells us here.  

2. Sophie Turner adopted her Direwolf after filming the episode in which Lady was executed. She also makes her mum watch Game of Thrones. Read about Sophie’s opinion on nudity and violence in GoT here

3. While shooting Game of Thrones, Liam Cunnigham, Carice van Houten and Stephen Dillane call each other Dave, Mel and Stan after their characters. Mel and Dave reveal all here

Game of Thrones

According to Emilia, season 5 looks set to be “the biggest one that Daenerys has had since season 1” 

4. John Bradley stated recently that if his character Samwell Tarly were to die, then it would probably be the result of a cardiac arrest running up the stairs, rather than anything heroic. Why does John think Sam is not an easy character to like? Read here.  

Game of Thrones

DeObia Oparei’s Areo Hotah is not just Prince Doran’s bodyguard. According to Alexander Siddig who plays the prince, Areo is “The masculine side of me [Doran] and I am just the brain” 

 5. Heart failure appears to be the method of choice as far as the actors are concerned. If Iain Glen had his way, his character Ser Jorah Mormont would go out “having a major heart attack while making love to Daenerys.“ Find out what else Iain had to say about the new season here.  

6. Staying on the topic of death, Alfie Allen was tricked into believing his character would be returning as a naked zombie for season 3 by David Benioff and Dan Weiss. Although, come to think of it, we have seen stranger things happen on GoT, so Alfie can be forgiven for falling for that one. Check out why Alfie couldn’t resist reading this season’s script here.  

7. When he was 22, DeObia Oparei who plays Areo Hotah in season 5 took a break from acting to become a stripper and a drag queen in Australia. His first role after the break was Moulin Rouge. Dorne is coming - everything you need to know about the new boys in town here 

Game of Thrones

Sophie Turner’s character Sansa Stark developed dramatically in season 5. Will she be going down the dreaded Queen Cersei route? Sophie is confident that won’t happen. “She is still a Stark, she is still very noble and wants to do the right thing.” 

8. Nathalie Emmanuel’s character Missandei was originally only meant to appear in around five episodes with sporadic episodes planned for the future. Danearys without Missandei by her side is something which is now very hard to imagine. Can Nathalie speak Dothraki? Find out here.

9. The episode Blackwater was the first time Dog Soldiers director Neil Marshall had ever done TV. In our recent interview with Liam Cunningham he revealed that Neil sent him a text with a line from a recent Rolling Stone review that said, “Blackwater is possibly the best hour of television that has ever been made.“ – Neil’s reaction to this was - “Not bad for a first timer!”

10. Emilia Clarke’s favourite dragon is Drogon, the biggest and fiercest of them all. But how is she faring as a mother? Get the gossip here.  

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