7 superhero films to watch in 2017

7 superhero movies you need to watch this year 

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From Justice League to Logan, we’ve looked at this year’s comic book big guns and ranked them in order of how excited we are

2016 was another big year for superhero movies with the surprise success of Deadpool, the superb Captain America: Civil War and (love it or hate it) the real start of the DC cinematic universe. And the superhero fun doesn’t look like ending anytime soon, with 2017 boasting a whole host of prequels, sequels and big screen debuts.

We’ve ranked this year’s blockbusters in order of how excited we are about:

  • R-rated raging
  • Web-slinging silliness  
  • DC drama 
  • Marvel magic 
  • and more
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2017’s superhero films ranked 

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7. Justice League

Release date: November

Film in a sentence: Batman rounds up DC’s greatest heroes to fight off a global threat.

Watch if: You enjoyed all of the previous DC offerings to date and want a darker take on the Avengers.  

Our thoughts: A lot is riding on this film for both DC and Zack Snyder. Backroom shake-ups, changes in tone and general chaos make this one of the films we’re most unsure about in 2017. 

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6. Wonder Woman 

Release date: June

Film in a sentence: Diana Prince kicks ass during World War II 

Watch if: You also think Wonder Woman was the best part of Batman v Superman.

Our thoughts: See Justice League. There are rumours that this one has gone down the same path, let’s hope they are false. 

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5. The LEGO Batman Movie 

Release date: February

Film in a sentence: The Dark Knight gets the LEGO treatment.

Watch if: You loved Will Arnett’s Batman in The LEGO Movie, which we know you did!

Our thoughts: It seems as if LEGO can’t put a foot wrong at the moment, and this one looks like being the perfect family-friendly bit of superhero fun. 

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4. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Release date: July

Film in a sentence: Spider-man finally becomes the high school kid he actually is.  

Watch if: You loved him in Civil War and want more of the Spidey quirkiness and teen angst. 

Our thoughts: If Sony continue the good work Marvel put in to make Spider-man one of the stand-out stars in Civil War, then this could finally be the Spider-man fans actually want after the last failed reboot. 

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3. Logan

Release date: March

Film in a sentence: Wolverine is back, he’s old and he’s R-rated!

Watch if: You still have faith in 20th Century Fox to finally make a Wolverine film that does him justice.

Our thoughts: The trailers and promotion so far have been spot on and the news that this will be R-rated is welcome, but this one really could go either way. Will it follow on from the ok work done in The Wolverine, or will it be another flop like Origins

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2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 

Release date: April (May in USA)

Film in a sentence: The Guardians are back to save the galaxy once again, and they have baby Groot!

Watch if: You loved the first one, obviously.   

Our thoughts: The only major worry is that this will just go through the motions of what made the first film great, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

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1. Thor: Ragnarok

Release date: October

Film in a sentence: Thor and Hulk team up for what looks like a partial Planet Hulk adaptation.

Watch if: You loved the brilliant teaser clip and have faith in director Taika Waititi’s ability to make this different to the previous films.

Our thoughts: If Waititi manages to pull off the Planet Hulk storyline and bring a touch of his own style to the Thor-verse then this could easily be the best comic book film of the year. We’ll probably know more once the first trailer drops later this year. 

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