Iggy Pop's top collaborations

Iggy Pop’s winning formula

Words: Florian Obkircher 

For Iggy Pop, every collaboration presents a welcome challenge. Here are five of the rock icon’s most productive team-ups, and the major lesson he learned from each one
= Iggy Pop + David Bowie

1977: Pop moves to Berlin with Bowie as both attempt to kick their drug habit. That plan may be unsuccessful, but the two years they spend together are very productive musically.

Pop produces his best solo albums – The Idiot and Lust For Life – with Bowie, who helps him address his neuroses and use them positively.

Listen to their song “Passenger” on YouTube.

Performing at the Berkeley Theatre in San Francisco on his 1977 The Idiot tour, with David Bowie on keyboards 

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= Iggy Pop + Sex Pistols + Blondie

1984: Pop is in free fall, with his success on the wane and drug use on the rise. But then film director Alex Cox asks Pop to come up with the title track for his new movie, Repo Man. With the help of ex-Pistol Steve Jones and the rhythm section of Blondie, the song is written and recorded in 30 minutes. It remains one of Pop’s best. 

Listen to Iggy Pop’s soundtrack for “Repo Man“

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= Iggy Pop + The B-52s

1990: After a long search for a suitable vocal partner for his new song, Pop strikes it lucky with The B-52s singer Kate Pierson, whose smalltown accent is perfect. Surprisingly, considering Pop’s legendary status, the duet “Candy“ is one of just two Top 30 hits he has had in the US

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= Iggy Pop + Donatella Versace

1999: Having continually turned down offers of work from the fashion industry – for fear of betraying punk – Pop has a change of heart. “How many years have I been seeing these idiots jumping around at fashion awards!” he says. “Like I couldn’t do it better.” His performance at a Versace fashion launch acts as a timely boost for his career, though two years later he records the scathing “VIP“, a song based on the experience. 

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= Iggy Pop + Josh Homme

2016: For his new album, Pop seeks the help of the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman. As the two barely know each other before starting work together, Pop sends Homme some preparation in the form of drawings, diary entries, and short stories about his sex life.

It works. “Almost everything he sent me was soon a line in a song,” Homme reveals.

Listen to the song “Gardenia” on YouTube.

Iggy Pop + Josh Homme = preparation

Showcasing his latest album, Post Pop Depression, with Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age at Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, in 2016

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