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The Playlist: Incan Abraham

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Singer Teddy Cafaro reveals five songs that had a major impact on their new track, “In My Bones” 

Childhood friends Teddy Cafaro, Spencer Mandel, and Giuliano Pizzulo formed Incan Abraham in a remote house in Upstate New York in 2009. The band returned to that very same house in the search of inspiration and to write songs for their forthcoming album. With the first single “In My Bones” out now, The Red Bulletin caught up with Teddy to talk about the tunes that inspired the new track.

Gustavo Santaolalla - ‘Leyendo en el Hospital’

“In high school, I was a big fan of the directors Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu and Walter Salles. Gustavo Santaolalla scored all those films and his scores were so spacious and dramatic. Most of it is just a solo classical guitar. It’s super delicate at times, then he’ll slap and pluck hard and it sounds like big explosions in the desert. As we began writing and recording the album, I caught myself emulating that approach on guitar. I don’t think I used a pick more than twice during the whole session. Later, we heard that his kids go to the same elementary school we all attended growing up in North Hollywood. Small world.”

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Beck - ‘Girl (Ghettochip Malfunction Remix)’

“Beck has always been in the pantheon for us, in no small part because of his eclectic style over three decades. As a teenager in 2002, I got so stoned at one of his shows that I passed out and missed the whole thing. “In My Bones” definitely occupies a nostalgic, virtual space, and the fact that Beck came out with a whole album of remixes generated from Gameboy sounds is just another reason why he’s the man, and a repeat source of inspiration.”

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Tangerine Dream - ‘Exit’

“Giuls has always been a student of early German electronic music and subsequent genres. Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream died when we were writing a lot towards this record, and I can’t help but think that some of that energy seeped in. We were finally playing around more with electronic percussion, and a lot of the rhythms on our record have a machinate, equine feel to them as a result. Plus, layers on layers of synths never hurt anybody.”

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Mini Mansions - ‘Death is a Girl’

“We’ve shared a few bills with this group through the years. Their melodies are elaborate but pleasing, not unlike those of a Beach Boys track, and their arrangements take it to this fresh, almost futuristic place. This song has definitely got a synth-driven, down-the-rabbit-hole feel to it, and we embraced that aesthetic on “In My Bones.” These guys have two lead vocalists, like us, and they share it in a way that feels natural.”

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Bruce Springsteen - ‘Born to Run’

“We all discovered the Boss at various stages in our respective musical lives, and we’ve played with a lot of bands through the years that are obsessed with the guy. “Born to Run” comes to mind because it starts with that chuggy piano on the ⅛ notes and doesn’t let up until the end. On “In My Bones” we do a similar thing with a synthesizer, and then it builds with these triumphant chords in the verses. Apart from very different production choices, there’s some fundamental overlap there to be sure.

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