Seth Rogan und Betty White

TV dream teams 

Photography: Getty Images/Wikimedia

Mulder and Scully are back. Here are a few more pairs we’d like to see

Ronda Rousey / The Rock

The World’s Most Dangerous Woman and the guy who can battle earthquakes: who’d mess with that?

Ronda Rousey und The Rock

Seth Rogen / Betty White

The potty-mouthed May/December duo must choose between battling bad guys and… just firing up a big one and ordering in pizza.

Seth Rogan und Betty White

Kevin Hart / Jane Lynch

The hyperactive small American actor/comedian paired with the lofty, dry-witted best high school gym teacher in television history.

Kevin Hart  und Jane Lynch

Halle Berry / Chris Hemsworth

Storm and Thor, A lightning dream team like no other. Not many could beat this power pair. 

Halle Berry und Chris Hemsworth

Tom Hardy / Scarlett Johansson

The feisty Avengers star who has the power to turn men in putty in her hand, and the sheer brute acting force of Mad Max. 

Tom Hardy und Scarlett Johansson
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