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7 Up-and-Coming stars you should Watch out for

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The tides are changing in Hollywood – the big names who have dominated the silver screen for the last few decades are hitting their 50’s, and it is time for some fresh blood to take over

Adam Driver (32)

Most Important Role: Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What You Should Know: Adam Driver’s had an unusual career trajectory: choirboy to US Marine to Kylo Ren, of the Star Wars dark side. The 6ft 3in Californian’s looks are as unconventional in Hollywood as his path to fame.

First Major Role: As Lena Dunham’s boyfriend in Girls, where he partook in many unconventional sex scenes.

What Does The Future Hold? He’ll be playing a priest in Martin Scorsese’s Silence, and he’ll also be back in black for future Star Wars films. 

Fun Fact: Adam Driver’s chest has its own Twitter page, but he doesn’t – the 34-year-old actor isn’t on social media.

Domhnall Gleeson (32)

Most Important Role: Computer programmer Caleb in Ex Machina

What You Should Know: As the son of Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, he’s got the acting bug in his blood.

Major Roles: If you re-watch the Potter films then you will recognise Domhnall as Bill Weasley. Aside from getting friendly with a robot in Ex Machina, he’s also stood side by side with Adam Driver as General Hux in Star Wars and Leo DiCaprio in The Revenant

What Does The Future Hold? He’ll be playing the love interest in Crash Pad, and a drug-smuggling CIA pilot in Mena

Fun Fact: He’s the 2nd rising star to get media hype through Star Wars.

Rami Malek (34)

Most Important Role: As hacker Elliot Alderson in Mr. Robot

What You Should Know: Rami was raised in California and got his first big break playing a pharoah in Night at the museum. Coincidentally, his father used to work as a tour guide in Cairo. 

First Major Role: As Andy in a 2004 episode of Gilmore Girls.

What Does The Future Hold? The second season of Mr. Robot is already in planning and a big screen role in Buster’s Mal Heart.

Fun Fact: Rami plays Josh in the hit PS4 horror game Until Dawn.

John Boyega (23)

Most Important Role: As the “Traitor“ Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What You Should Know: John was born in Peckham, London. He discovered a passion for the stage at a very early age (9) and has never looked back. 

First Major Role: As the ghetto hero Moses in the excellent horror-comedy Attack The Block

What Does The Future Hold? Expect to be seeing plenty of John in the future, especially in the Star Wars universe. 

Fun Fact: Students at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln recently spotted John in posters dotted around their campus. It turns out they were stock Getty images John did a few years back. He used the money to buy new trainers…  

Oscar Isaac (36)

Most Important Role: As rebel pilot Poe Dameron Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

What You Should Know: Oscar was born in Guatemala but moved to Miami at a very early age. He got his first taste of stage life as the lead guitarist in the band The Blinking Underdogs before swapping music for a career in film.

First Major Role: His performance in Inside Llewyn Davies really got people’s attention.

What Does The Future Hold? He’s currently starring in Show Me A Hero and he will be getting all immortal for his role of Apocalypse in the upcoming X-Men movie. He’ll be back on the side of good just in time for the next instalment of Star Wars though.

Fun Fact: He wrote and performed the song “Never Had“ for the film 10 Years during a karaoke session. 

Michael B. Jordan (28)

Most Important Role: Apollo’s son Adonis Johnson in Creed 

What You Should Know: He grew up in California and has already starred in three award-winning shows: The Wire, Friday Night Lights and Parenthood

First Major Role: He first made the world stand up and take notice in Josh Trank’s indie flick Chronicle.

What Does The Future Hold? Nothing official in the pipeline at the moment, but that will change soon.

Fun Fact: He’s a trained tap dancer and calls himself a bit of an Anime nerd.

Joel Kinnaman (36)

Most Important Role: As Detective Stephen Holder in The Killing.

What You Should Know: His real name is Joel Nordström and he’s actually Swedish. He made a name for himself on Swedish television before jumping ship and heading to Hollywood.

First Major Role: In the ill-fated Robocop remake that no one really wanted…

What Does The Future Hold? We’ll be seeing Joel in three different films this year: The Bends, Backcountry and as Rick Flag in the much-hyped Suicide Squad.

Fun Fact: He has a tattoo of a quote from Shakespeare’s The Tempest on his right arm.

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